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Alexandra McLean

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Alan and Shawna at Home Life Real Estate. I was impressed with Alan & Shawna’s professionalism throughout my selling and buying process. They took their time to walk me through the process from beginning to end, consistently kept me updated, and were more than happy to answer my never ending questions - always in a quick and friendly manner.

I was very happy with how my home was listed, presented, and shown to prospective buyers. Alan & Shawna sold my home and assisted me in the purchasing of my new one. Both went smoothly and I would, and have, recommended them to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable and client focused real estate team.


~Alexandra McLean 


When I decided to sell my downtown condo and move north of the city, Alan & Shawna were my agents for both my purchase and sale.

In regards to my purchase, at first I was considering buying another condo but further east in the city. Alan & Shawna showed me a number of units, were always available for questions, and were always patient. They never tried to talk up places with a sales pitch - they knew what features I was looking for and respected that I did as well. This is one of the things I appreciated most about having Alan & Shawna as my agents - they would never try to sway my opinion and were always happy to give me honest advice. Not pushy at all!

When I realized that I truly wanted to live in a house back in my home town, as opposed to a downtown condo, I was a little nervous as Alan & Shawna were not as familiar with the area. But I decided to give them a shot at it. I gave them a general outline of the area I'd be interested in looking and some basic features I was looking for. I'm incredibly glad I gave them a chance because I fell absolutely in love with the first listing that they sent.

They were worried because it fell just outside of the area I had outlined but they sent it anyhow thinking I might like it. They couldn't have been more right. We agreed to go to the open house that Sunday, as it had just been listed on the Wednesday. About 20 minutes later I called them again and asked if they could drop everything and head there with me right then and there, I didn't want to wait until Sunday and I knew I could leave work without issue. They happy obliged.

By the time we got there, an offer was already in, which made me nervous as I knew I needed to make a decision pretty quickly. Alan & Shawna helped me keep my head in check both before and after I decided to make an offer. They kept me calm while making one of the biggest decisions of my life. They were respectful of my limits, helped suggest counter offers, and then helped me with the conditions of the offer all in a very short period of time. Shortly afterwards I became the owner of my house that I couldn't possibly love more (I've been living here over a year now).

When it came to the sale of my condo, I knew I now had a deadline. Alan & Shawna did an amazing job of figuring out what price to list my place at, helping me de-clutter and stage the condo, and communicating with me regularly about viewings and offers made. With Alan & Shawna’s help the condo sold at top dollar compared to what matching units in my building had sold for, and well within the time frame I needed. I made a lot of money on the sale, and was very happy with both dealings with Alan & Shawna. I would highly recommend Them for any real estate purchase or sale. They are fast and accurate with numbers, truly listen to their customers' needs, know what's needed to list a place and make it attractive, and are incredibly calm and patient. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Alan & Shawna again if I ever decide to move! 

Les & Mary

In the last year we employed Alan and Shawna as our real estate agents to both help us find

and buy a new home and then to sell our previous one. They were originally recommended

to us by our daughter who had engaged them to successfully negotiate the process of

purchasing a home with multiple offers. When we first met them we were impressed by

their knowledge of the market that we were interested in and in their uncanny capacity to

articulate what we were looking for. After a search of several weeks they discovered the

residence that we eventually purchased. We were so impressed with them as professionals

and as people that we decided without hesitation to ask them to be the listing agents for

our previous home.

What was it about Alan and Shawna that so impressed us? As agents they were informed,

diplomatic, attentive, prompt, forthright, efficient and well organized. Whenever we

attempted to contact them they responded immediately. They regularly emailed us

comparable listings and other relevant material. They had a clear sense of the necessary

steps involved in selling our house and executed them faultlessly while keeping us engaged

in the entire process. We were also impressed by their strength of character. Alan and

Shawna are sociable, thoughtful, excellent listeners and empathetic. They are

understanding and supportive. They are wonderfully sensitive to the ambiguous and

complex feelings people have when they are selling their family home many years.

Throughout our dealings with them, Alan and Shawna demonstrated exceptional integrity at

all times and in all circumstances.

After completing a few cosmetic upgrades and with their tasteful staging we listed our

house on a Tuesday and it sold unconditionally the following Saturday for more than the

asking price.

We believe that Alan and Shawna are exceptional people and professionals. We would not

hesitate to engage their services again and are pleased to recommend them without


Christa & Dean

Hello to you both,

I'm absolutely pleased to offer a reference for you. I hope the email will suffice, but if not I'd be more than happy to officially sign something and attach it!

In terms of our overall opinion of their service - in short I would say honest, timely and proactive. Alan & Shawna had a fantastic way of determining our needs, comfort ranges and helping us see new options that we hadn't thought about. They stretched us in a gentle way that was always in the right direction. As idealistic home buyers, we started out looking for something that likely didn't exist, but they were determined to find something that would suit our needs. They looked tirelessly and never once lost their patience. They knew the features that both Dean and I wanted and they made sure that any house that they delivered fit the right criteria.

Their advice is always second to none. I can't even begin to count the number of times both Dean and I have recommended their services to close friends for both buying and selling. WE TRUST THEM! And when you are talking about house prices in Toronto, especially in the middle of bidding wars, it's imperative to trust your agent because large money is at stake. I'll never forget the time they helped us with our first home and drove over to our place at midnight to make sure we signed back and returned the offer so it would stay valid. They stayed calm under pressure and followed through to get us our first house. What other agents would drive all the paperwork over to you at midnight and then go BACK to their office that night to seal the deal...and then of course calls you to say it's all done which is now the wee hours of the morning?!?

There is no doubt with me, or my husband, that they are our real estate agents for life! It's not easy to come across people that you can trust so whole heartedly. They have never steered us wrong and for that we will be faithful to their advice and professionalism for years to come.

If your client(s) would like to speak with me in person, I'm more than happy to chat live and sing your praises. Anyone who lets them go, simply doesn't know what they are missing. My best advice is for their future clients, is to put themselves in Alan & Shawna’s very capable hands and let them do the stressing for you. As challenging as home buying/selling can be, they carefully break the process down into manageable pieces and always come to a happy conclusion!

Happy house hunting!!!! 


Working with Alan and Shawna was an absolute blast. I really looked forward to driving around to different showings with them because they made the whole experience FUN. On top of them being a genuinely good time, they really KNOW THEIR STUFF when it comes to houses. Every house we went to they would point out the problems to be aware of, the things that were fixable, and the potential to consider.

I started with Alan and Shawna very early on in my process and they helped guide me through my decision making to find the thing that was perfect for me. They were strategic and smart when it came time to put in an offer and they got me a great deal. I always felt that they were 100% on my side and were able to understand what I wanted – sometimes before I had even figured it out!

Now I have bought the home – the transaction is done – and they are still helping me to make sure that everything goes smoothly and to make sure that I make smart decisions pre- closing – and beyond. They are an invaluable and ever-giving resource for all new home buyers. I cannot begin to know what I would do without them!

I love my new home so much and hope to be there for a long time, but I look forward to the next time that I get to go through the process again with them both. I will absolutely recommend them to everyone I know who’s looking to buy a house. They make a potentially stressful decision fun and SMART. 


Shawna and Alan are experienced and skilled real estate agents. They were able to provide excellent housing market advice, with thoughtful consideration for my personal preferences and lifestyle. Their strategic actions got me my house, within a very tight budget and in a very hot housing market. I always recommend them to my friends. 


Shawna and Alan did an outstanding job last winter selling my house for $127k over asking in less than a couple of weeks.

I had interviewed several agents to find out what services were provided and at what cost, and they were the hands-down winner in every category. They did a fantastic job staging my house using a lot of my own furniture and rented pieces as 

They weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty helping me sort through and purge a basement full of decades worth of junk. When they were finished with it, my house looked the best it has ever looked. Their marketing materials were top notch and resulted in a surprisingly large number of showings, despite terrible weather in the dead of winter. My friends and family were blown away by how great the house looked in the listing - and apparently so were the several people who put in offers! I have no doubt that without Shawna and Alan’s expertise and hard work on making my property look so fantastic, it would not have sold for $127k over asking.

Working with them couldn't have been a more pleasant experience. They are highly responsive without being pushy, know the market and work hard for their clients. I think you'd be hard pressed to find better realtors! 


They are two of the hardest working people I’ve worked with. Tough as nails while staying eternally upbeat. Highly recommend hiring Shawna and Alan.